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Vietnam Box


Explore Vietnam with our experts Jolie and Judy, international students from Vietnam!

Did you know that Vietnam had water puppets and 3 types of crocodiles? We didn’t either, which is why we’ve put together this awesome box with help from Jolie and Judy, with 10 hours of exciting crafts, recipes, activities and games to help you learn more about Vietnamese culture!

With your family you can unplug for some screenfree time together while exploring and making!
🐖Colour your Yin-Yang pig puzzle designed with Shufflewoods in Wallasey (Ying Yang Pigs are traditional for New Year (Tet) but we’ve given it a twist)🐖
🥑Make Avocado ice cream and more tasty street food!🥑
🐊Play Crocodile Ashore- this will get you moving!🐊

Colour in a traditional folk tale involving magic birds and greedy brothers &

Play bamboo chopsticks!


Designed by volunteers Jolie and Judy and Andrine (artist).  Andrine also worked on our Japan and Caribbean Boxes!
Meet Jolie one of the designers:

Hi! My name is Jolie and I’m a Music student from Vietnam. Having the opportunity to share my culture is absolutely wonderful.

I’ve always loved and am proud of Vietnam because of its fascinating natural landscapes, the unique and vibrant food scenes from North to South, its rich history and very friendly people. You should definitely visit Vietnam if you have the chance to!

Jolie and Judy pose in traditional dress for Vietnam

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