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Japan Box: Fake sushi, card game (hanafuda) and magic foxes (kitsune) (for 8+)


Deep dive into Japanese culture with our second Japan box!

🍣Mould your own fake sushi and kitsune board🍣

🎴Hanafuda (flower card) game🎴

🍵Real Matcha (with biscuits recipe)🍵

Sushi design by Andy from 3 D Primo

You’ll be on your way to all things Japanese with the help of Kanae, our LJMU student artist Keris, and University of Liverpool student Ellen.

Meet Ellen:

I’m Ellen and I study English Literature with Communication and Media. I’ve really enjoyed researching and learning more about Japanese culture. I especially enjoyed meeting up with Kanae and learning how to play with the hanafuda. I hope you enjoy playing, creating and flipping your okonimiyaki!

Ellen Japan Box

Look at our first Japanese box if your child is under 8.


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🪴Contents of Japan 8+ box:

Wood: Kitsune photo holder board (made by 3D Primo) & Kitsune Pin FSC Certified Wood (wooden pin badges use 20 to 24 times less energy to produce than enamel pin badges)

Paper: Hanafuda Card Game Set & Japan booklet printed by eco friendly Liverpool printers The Printroom UK

Matcha sticks: x3 (for biscuit making)

Sushi: white polymorph that is reusable if re-heated and fully biodegradable (usually within 6 mo. depending on the size of the piece). It will only degrade in the right conditions (such as in moist soil). Regular indoor conditions will not lead to the material degrading.


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