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Make Your Own Blue Photo Wall Hanging Kit


Capture nature in beautiful shades of blue and white without a camera

With this kit you can create your very own early Victorian photograph known as a cyanotype. Cyan is a shade of blue. Invented in 1842, cyanotype was pioneered by botanist Anna Atkins. She used it to create the first photography book of seaweed and plants.

To make your own stunning blue photo, all you need is yourself, some dry leaves, feathers or interesting flat shapes (you can cut out shapes if you like), the sun and some water!

Where did we get our Blue Photos?

The blue photo papers were handmade for us by analogue photographer  Little Vintage Photography in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead using recycled paper card we sourced.

We’ve also created a vintage hanging mount with our woodcarver  Shufflewoods. To create this stunning wall hanging you just need a bit of tape!

Want us to blue photo with you?

Calling all groups! This summer, we can visit you for a 1 hour blue photo experience that involves fun games, art, history and science and ends with you walking away with a stunning photo. Interested? Email us at hello@ukunplugged.org and we’ll send you over the details! This is open to groups in Wirral and Liverpool.

Important information about the blue photos

Health & Safety: Not a toy.

Paper is coated with a colour-changing chemical.

Do not eat, ingest or rub onto skin as it could cause mild irritation.

Wash & dry hands before & after use.