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Spooky Sustainable Halloween Kit for Kids with witches, spiders, the human body, the Day of the Dead and Halloween


Jump into Halloween with a flying witch craft, old-school-vibing “Boo ya” stickers and a 5 week booklet with recipes, games, colouring and crafts.

Aimed at our younger audiences (3-10), this also has video tutorials to help you along.

All materials created locally  (Wallasey/ Liverpool), with 22 pages of activities including…

💀Human Body: Can you out-pump a heart?

🕷️ Spiders: Spider identification and a web obstacle course!

🪅Day of the Dead (including some language and culture)

🧹Witches: Make witches’ broth together for lunch!

Cooking, crafting, games and fun learning await!


Learn STEM, Culture, History and Language through our Halloween kit with crafts, recipes and games including a wooden flying witch to decorate and fly in your home!

Jump into some sustainable family fun for a Spooky October with your family!

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