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Space Box


Travel with us as we explore Space through food, games and crafts.

🌙Make-your-own lunar phases and Apollo spaceship designed by Shufflewoods🌙

🌌Create a cosmic drink🌌

🚀Race to the moon with our exclusive game!🚀

👩‍🚀and try not to get stuck in space! …

Working with Liverpool’s Association for Space Engineering and Research (LASER), we’ve created plenty of crafts and activities for your family!

Add to your order with our exclusive Space Stickers!

Meet one of the students who worked on this box!

Tom is a PhD student working on miniature particle accelerators. He is an electrical engineering graduate and worked on bioreactors for the International Space Station. Tom is the Chief Technical Officer of Laser and handles all the technical aspects of space-related projects. He helped with the content of the box, contacting Space Experts and coming up with activity ideas.

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