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Caribbean Box


Explore some of the Caribbean islands with us through recipes, crafts, physical games and colouring. Loy, with help from Andrine our artist, leads us from Jamacia , Haiti and the Dominican Republic to the Cayman Islands !


Learn about games from Jamaica, music from the Dominican Republic and food from Haiti.

🏝️Play matching games with famous people from the Caribbean and learn about the Cayman Islands through a make-your-own pirate and turtle game.

☀️ Throw your activities in our new exclusive tote (designed by Andrine) and take it with you!

Meet Loy who created this box:

Hi! I am a marketing student from the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. My family has a good number of cultural backgrounds so sharing some aspects of the Caribbean was a very exciting opportunity.

I love the Caribbean because it is full of a vibrant mixture of people. The food here is like none other. The flavours come from all around the world and the countries of the Caribbean have used them to make unique and delicious cuisines. The beaches are so beautiful with clear water and white sand. The music here just adds to the liveliness of the Caribbean.

Picture of Loy with a big smile

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