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Fairy Troll World Box


Our boxes began with the Fairy Troll World, and these magical characters (who live in Merseyside) are close to our hearts!

When we began making boxes, this was our inspiration… a group of fairies, trolls, dragons and unicorns that emerged during lockdown and sent letters to children.

Fast forward a few years, and they’re a regular part of our fun! You’ll meet Drake our clumsy but kind dragon and his racing brother Egan, Fae our nurse-unicorn, who is never short a bandage, and fairy cousins Rose, who likes to read and make dogs chase her, and Onion who loves making Nettle Ice Cream. There’s also mischievous troll Ozzie and his big sister Flossie, a handy-engineering troll who has resorted to making trap doors in her room to keep him out!

In the Fairy Troll World Box you can

🐉 Add yourself to FairyTroll Trumps (draw 2 extra characters) and play with your family 🐉
🗺 Explore our Magical Merseyside map with Mermaids, Pirates caves and treehouses 🗺
🦄 Be creative with extra special re-stickable stickers of each of our characters 🦄
🎨 Make Dragon Eggs, Unicorn Horns and Dragon wings with our eco-friendly pearlescent paint 🎨

And… one of our family favourites…
👩‍🍳 Make crazy Troll pasta! 👨‍🍳

Meet Andrine who listened to Diana’s stories and brought our characters to life!

Hi! My name is Andrine and I study Architecture at the University of Liverpool.

I love drawing and creating digital illustrations as a hobby. Being able to use
my love for art to bring the Troll Fairy World characters to life was a great pleasure. I particularly enjoyed drawing Drake, I loved showcasing his clumsy personality! I hope you love him and the gang as much as I do!

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