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Unbox the World! 3 Boxes for £60


Unbox the World with UK Unplugged!

We’ve got your staycation vacation sorted!

Pick three areas of the world to travel to and we’ll send over your itinerary!

Join us this summer in…

  • Vietnam🇻🇳
  • Japan🇯🇵
  • Caribbean (Haiti🇭🇹, Jamaica🇯🇲, the Caymans🇰🇾 and the Dominican Republic🇩🇴)
  • Mexico🇲🇽
  • Iran🇮🇷
  • Ancient World (Rome📜, Greece🏺, Persia 🏛️and Egypt🐪)


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Each box has 10 hours of hands-on fun.

Enjoy cooking, crafts, games & physical activity.

Learn about another culture from experts!