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Blue Photo Adventure Group booking- This summer only!

Group craft cyanotype with wooden and twine hanging mount

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Looking for a fun activity for your group this summer?

Picture of Diana sitting on the ground cross legged with a brick wall behind her. She is smiling with her face in one handI’m Dr Diana Powell and I run UK Unplugged, which helps families unplug from screens and explore together.

I’ve put together a Blue Photo Adventure experience for Merseyside* groups that focuses on history, science and crafts and is fun for a range of ages.

I am a former secondary school teacher, lecturer and educator and UK Unplugged allows me to channel all that into a fun learning environment.

I also have a PhD on the Victorians, so I like them a bit! 🙂

In this 1-hour group workshop, we’ll
  1. Setting the scene: We are Victorian Botanists and early Photographers!
  2. Choose your own specimens: (a walk outside)
  3. Lay out your cyanotype (recycled card coated locally by Little Vintage Photography) and put in the sun.
  4. Learn about Anna Atkins and her pioneering work with plants and photography
  5. Play 1st game: drawing comparison game that highlights what existed before Anna Atkins groundbreaking work
  6. Rinse the cyanotype
  7. Play 2nd game: a Victorian Parlour game based on observation skills
  8. Dry and mount the cyanotype to take home
Benefits Requirements Numbers



Victorian History/ Innovation

Photographic/ chemical process

Learning through play/ doing

·       Access to an outdoor sunny spot

·       Table and chairs or tarp/ blanket if outside

·       Access to running water

·       Hair dryers (not required but it would help!).

Min 5 Max 25

+ leader/ adult

Cost of workshop per person: £12

+ 50% payment is required when booking

+ I will only bring enough kits for the number of children/ young people attending

Images of what we’ll create:

Blue Photo cyanotype framed hangs between a fern and a statue shoulder

The botanical-style wooden framing is included in the pack and has been created for us by Shufflewoods, Wallasey.

Female-led business leaders and creatives were involved in each step of this process.


To book: hello@ukunplugged.org

*If you live further afield, you can order one of our blue photo kits to do at home 🙂
We make it as easy for families to unplug as it is to pick up their devices.

UK Unplugged began in 2019 as a local community group dedicated to helping local parents and carers balance their family’s time on and off screens.

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