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Funded tickets Time Flies: Avionics Box and Event for SEND, CAMHS and Low Income Families

Are you ready to fly with us?

We have a limited number of funded spaces and take home boxes available thanks to the British Science Week Fund for families who are SEND, low income or on the CAMHS waiting list.

🛫During the event we’ll be putting together and decorating a wooden map of the time zones that lights up for you to display at home! We’ll also have our usual mix of crafts, games and activities, like building airplanes, trying to be an air traffic controller and what to do if the plane you’re tracking gets lost!

🛫 Plus you get to take home with you one of our boxes! With some cool games like Bermuda Triangle and food like a Jet Lag Smoothie!

Please register here if your family meets the criteria (either SEND, low income or CAMHS waiting list) and you will receive an email confirmation.

If you register after the cut-off we will put you on a Waiting List and if any places become available, we’ll contact you.

Register now