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Earth Friendly Architecture Box


Can we build homes that are better for people and for the planet?  Our Earth-friendly Architecture Box has you try it out with plenty of inspiration!

In this box, three architects from India, Yakshitha, Smrithi and Anjaly, and our student intern Mikey, explore different building styles and materials around the world that are sustainable, healthy and affordable.

Highlights include:

🌞Sunshine Oasis House kit, Designed by Anjaly and brought to life by woodcarver Chloe from Shufflewoods🌞

🏗️Go Build Cards, Get competitive and learn about sustainable architecture in the Global South! Designed by Yakshitha a spin on Go Fish with 6 different countries and their sustainable materials highlighted🏗️

📐Create your own architectural designs for houses in Sweden, the UK, Thailand and Egypt📐

😋Build your own Brick Brownie House, with our custom- made mini-brick cutter which was designed with UK brick dimensions😋 We were inspired by the fabulous Pirouette house!

Each one of our box comes with physical activities, strategic games, cooking and crafting, providing you with 10 hours of unplugged time.

Meet Anjaly who helped design our Earth Friendly Architecture Box:

Hi I’m Anjaly! I’m a Architecture graduate from the University of Liverpool. I focus on designing eco friendly spaces. I designed the Sunshine Oasis House and created the Design Challenge to get you started!

Picture of Anjaly

Meet the other creators of our boxes.

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An Earth friendly architecture box that has crafts, recipes, games and activities for your family to unplug and learn together!

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