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Time Flies Avionics: Come Fly with Us!

Directions to the Avionics event with a map and a plane

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Time Flies Avionics.

Join us on Saturday 9th March at the Bloom Building to celebrate British Science Week and learn all about planes! ✈️

We’ll be de-LIGHT-fully wiring a wooden map to have light up time zones, making carboard planes and doing various arts and crafts!

This event is a little different from our usual ones as the ‘time flies’ box will be included wit the cost of the ticket! We’ve done this so that you can bring your light up map home. How cool is that?!

As an extra treat, if your family is SEND, low income or on the CAMHS waiting list, you can have your event pace and box funded by British Science Week!🥰

To secure your place (and a ‘time flies’ box) book here.



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