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Boxes for the CAMHS Wait List

Deliveries for the CAMHS wait list

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We began our deliveries for the local CAMHS waiting list on Friday. Children and young people recommended by their Care Navigator were able to choose which box they wanted (in this case Dinos Roar? and Day of the Dead) and we delivered them by ecargo bike to the families.



Children and young people diagnosed with moderate to severe mental health conditions on average wait 40 weeks before accessing clinical support.  During that time they are supported by a Care Navigator to help them engage with small group wellbeing activities.

However, high anxiety and other factors sometimes  make it hard for a young person to join in small group activities, and in those instances, the Care Navigators have found it useful to be able to offer them our boxes to reengage with their interests.


For example:

One young woman this summer was given a space box. She went from doing the arts and games in the box, to going on a star walk at night with her family, to going to the library to read more about Space.


This Christmas 36 boxes have been sponsored.

4 local businesses Hemsec, Matchstick Creative, Options for Supported Living and Video Sign heard pitches from our University of Liverpool Change Makers volunteers and donated funds for boxes.


We’re hoping our boxes can continue to support positive mental health and reengagement for those struggling.


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