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Make Christmas Fun & Sustainable! A cool day out at Wirral MakeFest: Relax and Make Christmas Green

two brothers play poo balance at Christmas Makefest

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We brought our sustainable games and Christmas gifts to Wirral MakeFest on Saturday. OuršŸ’© game from the Environmental Chemistry Box kept whole families entertained while they learned about managing waste on a farm!

At Wirral Makefest visitors made everything from spaceships from Lego, fern wreaths, wrapping paper and fake sushi!

šŸ’©The Environmental Chemistry box only has a few left, so let us know quickly if you want one!

+We help coordinate Wirral MakeFest, but the heavy lifting on this event was done by Alison Bailey Smith. There will be a call for makers to take part in February, so head over to www.wirralmakefest.org to keep an eye out for that!The next Wirral MakeFest date is June 1st so pop that in your diary now!Ā  +

We make it as easy for families to unplug as it is to pick up their devices.

UK Unplugged began in 2019 as a local community group dedicated to helping local parents and carers balance their family’s time on and off screens.

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