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Japan Event: February 18th Bundle (Ticket + Box)

For those who want to attend the event and have a Japan box of their own to take home.

Save £3 buy buying your event ticket and box together! Priced at the same amount as you’d pay for a single box, this box bundle will include your chosen box an event ticket for the time of your choosing worth £3.

Select which time you’d like to attend the event, and which Japan box you would like to purchase using the tabs below before adding to basket.

NOTE: The 1pm-3pm slot is now SOLD OUT.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Kick-start the new year by exploring the wonderful, magical and unique aspects of Japanese culture. We know how much families loved our first Japan box (which focused on theatre, karate and anime) so Ellen, Keris, Andy and Kanae have worked together to bring our community a brand new Japan box (which focuses on magic folklore and popular culture- street food, sushi and games).

Our event is a combination of the themes and activities of both the boxes so come along and embrace your inner Ninja.

We’ve got lots of activities including:

Demon toppling target game for Setsubun (a traditional celebration for February with our own twist!)

Great Wave group art using a 3D Pen with Andy from 3D Primo

Make your own Furoshiki wrap and Daruma doll

DIY Origami

All of our events have a SENDCO on staff and a sensory room if you need support.

Both of our Japan Boxes can be purchased as a combined ticket for an awesome adventure to take home! In both, 10 hours of original screen-free unplugged fun await!

Additional information

Time of Attendance

10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm

Choice of Box

Japan (for any age), Japan (for 8+)