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Bike Realities & Boxes: Crowdfunder Update & Stretch for Boxes

Mother and child working together on Space Box content

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We’ve done it! We’ve smashed our target with a few hours to spare! Thank you–it really means a lot that you believe in what we do and want to help out.

We’ve put a ‘stretch’ target for the last day to raise funding for free boxes for those on the CAMHS waiting list: approximately 125 children on the Wirral, at any one time, who are waiting for clinical intervention and struggle to engage with community activities/support.

The Care Navigators have told us these children benefit from our materials:

“Some [children] refuse to leave the house and reasons range from social anxieties, challenges related to diagnosable/as yet undiagnosed neurodiversity or complex factors relating to their wider family environment. We find being able to introduce free home based activities that lead to external activities really helpful to these children.

Our SPACE boxes with crafts, foods, games and activties

“An example would be the space box you kindly donated. This was completed at home and led to the child and family following it up with evening walks to look at the sky, use of a sky scanning app, trips to the library to borrow resources to find out more and extended home-based art activities. We are now talking about moving forward to small art class with this child as a real possibility. We find children are also more environmentally aware and their eco anxiety is real so the fact that your boxes consider these factors really help with encouraging children to use them.”

Thank you for being part of this project (which is really a bike plus so much more).


We make it as easy for families to unplug as it is to pick up their devices.

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